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Standardbred trotter


In Sweden the breeding of the Standardbred trotter is led by the Swedish Trotting Association (STC). The breeding goal for the Swedish Standardbred is a fast, sound, sustainable, well tempered and good gaited racing trotter of a highly competitive international standard. In order to reach this goal STC employs the unique competence of IHBC for genetic consultation and for genetic evaluation of all animals within the breed. The implementation of the BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) for evaluating breeding values of stallions on the basis of the racing performance of their offspring started in 1984 in cooperation with researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Since 1992 an animal model BLUP procedure has been applied for annual genetic evaluation of all the animals within the breed, simultaneously for six traits of racing performance. The resulting combined index values are officially published as an aid for effective selection of stallions and brood-mares within the population. The development of computing procedures for the genetic evaluation of Swedish Standardbred trotters and the routine computation of index of breeding values has been the main cornerstone in the activity of IHBC. The genetic evaluation procedure by the AM-BLUP method in 2007 included about 220 thousand Standardbred trotters in total. In addition AM-BLUP genetic evaluation of nearly 100 thousand "Cold-blooded" North-Swedish and Norwegian trotters (Nordic trotter) was performed by IHBC. IHBC has developed Java sevlets for STC (Servlets.) For scientific references see Curriculum vitae (Žorvaldur Įrnason)

For an illustration of the impact of the application scientific breeding tools for genetic improvement of racing performance please look at the figure below showing the genetic trend in racing performance index in the Swedish Standardbred trotter.

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