ihbc has some Icelandic Horse brood mares of high quality at the beautifully situated farm Knubbo in Morgongĺva  

We breed the mares only with the very best stallions available in Sweden. The stallions are carefully selected according to EBV (BLUP) and our expertise in genetics and animal breeding in combination with thorough practical knowledge of the breed is used for serious breeding planning. Often we have some promising young horses or older brood mares for sale.

Some of our breeding mares

click for CURRICULUM VITAEHempa frá Kirjubae
IS 1993286103

Chestnut with blaze, born 1993 (imported from Iceland as foal)

Breeding scored 2001 
 7,93 conformation; 
 8,35 riding ability;
 8,18 total score.



F: Angi frá Laugarvatni IS1982187034
M: Skikkja frá Kirkjubae IS1983286104






click for CURRICULUM VITAEDögg frĺn Knubbo
SE 1993205437

Chestnut, born 1993

Breeding scored 2002 
 7,93 conformation; 
 8,31 riding ability;
 8,16 total score.



F: Svalur frá Glaesibae IS1980157310
M: Hugrún frá Hrepphólum IS1984288172