• Execution of applied (and theoretical) research projects, which require unique theoretical, methodological and practical skill ("know how") in genetics, statistics, computer programming and horse breeding.
  • Consultation and construction of breeding plans in horse populations.
  • Estimation of genetic parameters for various quantitative traits in horses.
  • Routine genetic evaluations according to multiple trait animal model BLUP, where the model is tailored according to the structure of the data and the population.
  • International genetic evaluations of horses when the breeds are represented in more than one country.
  • Computation of genotype probabilities for qualitative traits in horses.
  • Computation of coefficients of inbreeding and relationship in horse populations.
  • Development of Java based Web Applications. ihbc has created Java Sever pages and Java Servlets which use Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to access SQL databases. These applications include applets and other advanced Java program features. ihbc is developing an application which will soon be placed on the homepage of the Swedish Trotting Association (www.travsport.se)

Future products are planned to involve internet based consultation of individual breeders, who will be served with genetic profile analysis of their breeding stock and comprehensive mating strategy plans based on scientific grounds.

Do you want to test some "Java applets" created by ihbc for demonstration of some animal breeding principles?
WARNING you may have to import "Java plug-in" for your browser in order to see the applets! Downloading of applets may take some time through modem connections


If you need to download "Java plug-in" for your browser you can get it at: java.sun.com/products/plugin