The scientific personnel consist of one or two qualified researchers with programming skills (see separate "Curriculum vitae" ). In addition a secretary is part-time employed.

click for CURRICULUM VITAE Thorvaldur Árnason on Hrólfur frá Laugarvatni in Hvítárnes.

A modern academic educated research scientist getting nurture for his ancient nomadic soul on the horseback in the wilderness of the Icelandic inland. The well of his interest in horse breeding and genetic improvement of horses is the joy and satisfaction experienced in the company of good horses. An important aim in his life is to provide opportunities for many other people to share this happiness. The solution lies in utilization of the rich genetic variability found within many horse populations in the world. The application of modern knowledge in genetics and statistics is the way to provide the world with horses which suits the peoples' various needs. Horse breeds fulfilling human requirements need not fear extinction. Genetic improvement of desired traits in horses is therefore of joint interest for both humans and horses.

Dr. Thorvaldur Árnason is the chief of IHBC. He holds a M.Sc. degree in animal breeding from the University of Edinburgh and an Agr.D (PhD) degree in animal breeding and genetics from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, where he is an associate professor since 1988. Thorvaldur was employed as a researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences until 1988. Since then he as been full-time occupied by IHBC's projects. Thorvaldur is an author to numerous scientific publications and conference articles and has been awarded by the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) for pioneering implementation of the BLUP methodology in horse breeding. In addition to scientific interest in horse genetics and breeding Thorvaldur is a horse enthusiast with long standing experience of riding, training and judging Icelandic horses. Curriculum vitae

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